Rio, the beach, and Life Magazine


In this post I told how I was trying to convince Nico to make a trip this March. Guess what? I did it! Later today we’re going to Rio de Janeiro for the next 10 days, along with my sister Espe.


 I’ve always wanted to go to Rio, the Marvelous City everyone falls in love with. And as we’re so close to Brazil, then why not, right? I’ll tell you everything about our trip when we come back, but in the meantime, here are this 50’s photos from Life Magazine.

beach 3

 I love Life’s photos. Either posed or candid, they all have something special that I don’t think is seen today in massive photo journalism. They have a particular way of telling a story.

beach 2

Well, I better go and finish packing! Tomorrow, se Deus quiser, I’ll be dipping my toes in the sand of Ipanema, listening to Nico play the ukelele, ha! :P


I’ll be posting photos on Instagram. Feel free to follow our adventures there!

* The B&W photos were not taken in Brazil. They’re from this article.

Mykonos has it all

Mykonos port and its famous windmills in the background

Mykonos port and its famous windmills in the background

Despite our wish to stay a few more days in Athens, we didn’t have much trouble hopping on a plane again to start the island leg of our trip. That meant less museums and historic places, lots of beach time and relaxation. In half an hour we arrived in Mykonos, our first stop in the Aegean Sea.


Links salad

flower volcano

McCann for Sony via Huffington Post

Hi there! Here are some fun links from around the web, if you’re thinking about procrastinating a little more (like me) :P Enjoy!

Athens from A to S


After our little stay in Cappadocia, we left Turkey for the Greek half of our honeymoon. We arrived in Athens early in the afternoon and took the metro to Monastiraki square. As soon as we got back on the surface in the heart of the city, we were in awe. The people buzzing around the square, the sun shinning high, the hipster crowds sitting on the streets surrounded by great street art. I instantly loved it.


Attachment Parenting

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Attachment Parenting

I’ve always loved children. I’d have three of my own by now, ha! It’s been a while since I started researching about different types of parenting and education,and there’s one that got my attention: Attachment Parenting. Perhaps because it’s about raising your kids through indiscriminated love, and there’s nothing that I like more that holding and smooching babies :P

My friends Lu and Fede have a gorgeous toddler called Manuel (AKA Manu, like me!), and they decided they would give Attachment Parenting a try. So I asked Lu to tell us about her experience in order to demystify, inform and may be help other moms (or moms to be).