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Hats off to that wall

Straw hat on coat hanger
Hey there! How’s 2016 going? I hope everything is good whether you’re freezing in the Northern Hemisphere or sweating in the South like me. Here the city is less crowded and everything seems to be a little bit slower. So I tend to daydream about beach houses and, actually, anything beach related. That’s how I noticed this trend of straw hats hanging from white walls. May be it’s not new or not even a trend at all, but it’s a fun way of displaying a hat collection and liven up a blank wall.

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DIY hand painted wrapping paper

This wrapping paper won't take more than 30 minutes to make and it will add a 'made with love' feeling to your presents.

DIY wrapping paper

We’re a week away from Christmas. Can you even believe it?! Haven’t you been attacked by the Holiday Neurosis yet? I bet there’s an endless list of things you have to do before the year ends, amirite? Well, here’s something you can do before tossing the gifts and your grandma’s eggnog in the air. It’s as relaxing as it is useful: DIY hand painted wrapping paper. It won’t take more than 30 minutes to make and it will add a ‘made with love’ feeling to your presents. Oh, and I promise you’ll have fun in the process. Keep reading and I’ll tell you what you need and how to do it, it’s super easy!

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frame wall

Young House Love

I’m thinking about creating a frame wall in our living room, including photos, travel memorabilia, postcards and may be a poster too. As usual, thanks to Pinterest I’ve found some fun ideas: printed photographs (some lomos would be great!) or old maps with quotes photoshopped or handwritten, typewritten quotes, or just buying an already made poster with lyrics from a great song on it. I hope I can soon show you our wall of fame!

Estoy pensando en hacer un pared con marcos en nuestra sala de estar, que tenga fotos, recuerdos de viajes, postales, y también algún poster. Como siempre, gracias a Pinterest encontré unas ideas muy divertidas: fotos impresas (unas lomo quedarían geniales!) o mapas viejos con leyendas en Photoshop o a mano, citas escritas a máquina, o comprar el poster ya hecho, con un fragmento de una gran canción. Espero pronto poder mostrar el resultado de nuestra wall of fame!

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Tents and forts and nooks

I have some issues when sleeping. Actually is just a matter of layout. I need to be as far as possible from the bedroom door, and as close as possible to a wall. I assume that it has to do with the bedroom I shared with my sisters growing up. My bed was facing the door, and I could see the shadows of people (sisters, Mom) coming through the door when the light was off, and it scared me a little. So I would face the wall and sometimes sneak my face in the tiny space between the bed and the wall. Pretty crazy, I know. The thing is that I’ve always dreamed of sleeping in indoor tents and forts and nooks, anything that could ‘protect’ me. Here are a few lovely ones I found around the web:
Tengo algunos problemas a la hora de dormir. En realidad es sólo una cuestión de distribución. Necesito estar lo más lejos posible de la puerta y lo más cerca posible de una pared. Supongo que tiene que ver con el dormitorio que compartía con mis hermanas cuando era chica. Mi cama estaba justo frente a la puerta, y podía ver las sombras de quienes entraban al cuarto (mis hermanas o mi Mamá) cuando las luces estaban apagadas, y me daba un poco de miedo. Entonces me acostaba mirando a la pared y a veces metía la cara en el espacio entre la pared y la cama. Bastante loco, ya sé. La cosa es que siempre soñé con dormir en carpas, chozas y rincones, cualquier cosa que pueda “protegerme”. Aquí hay algunos divinos que encontré por ahí: