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Beauty products that make my (every) day

This is NOT a sponsored post. All opinions are my own and the products were bought by me or gifted from family and/or friends.

My favorite beauty products for every day

A few years ago I wouldn’t have thought of having favorite beauty products that I would use every day. When you’re young and have a flawless skin, you don’t think about keeping it that way, you just live. But sooner or later we all have the ‘start doing something NOW before it’s too late!’ epiphany.

And then, here we are, sharing secrets, tips and recipes to look somewhat decent when we stare at the mirror. These are my skin and hair care favorites of late.

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1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9
1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9

Lately I’ve been wearing the same few basic pieces in rotation. Some variation of the items above plus a denim shirt, amilitary parka and a pair of black ballerina flats. That’s not EVERYTHING I own (otherwise, I wouldn’t be a girl, ha), but I’ve been curating my closet and kept these key pieces that are mostly timeless and that I get to wear in different scenarios. I add a couple trendy pieces I like each season and as a result I get a foolproof wradrobe that feels current without investing a lot of $$ each time.

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La petite robe

It seems like even before the start of summer, the heat doesn’t give us a break in this part of the Southern Hemisphere. Deciding what to wear every morning in order to stay fresh throughout the day is getting harder and harder. That’s why I decided that I’m going to incorporate some day dresses to my wardrobe this season. My requirements: to be light, fun and work appropriate.

Parece que aún antes de llegar el verano, el calor ya no da tregua en esta parte del Hemisferio Sur. Decidir cada mañana qué ponerse para estar fresca durante el día se vuelve más y más difícil. Así es que decidí que voy a incorporar unos cuantos vestidos a mi guardarropas durante esta temporada. Los únicos requisitos: que sean livianos, divertidos y apropiados para ir a trabajar. 
Here are a few favorites:
Estos son algunos de mis favoritos:
Aren’t they lovely?
No son divinos?

SJP for Vogue

Sarah Jessica Parker just made an editorial for Vogue -shot by Mario Testino- , showing what it is like “to be her”, with her husband and kids. I totally loved the first picture, but then it disappointed me a little how hard she poses for the pics. Her children look gorgeous, super natural, but it seems to me like she was Photoshopped into the scene.
Here’s my favorite:


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