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Changing my perspective

The problem is you think you have time by Buddah

This has been quite a tough year for me so far, specially this second half of 2015. Some very difficult moments made me realize I needed to change my perspective in life. I’ve always struggled with this fear of not being good enough in a lot of different levels. And that fear is what’s stopping me from doing a lot of things I’d like to do.

That fear is what makes me look like a perfectionist who has a Draft folder full of unfinished posts that may never be published because they’re not good enough. Posts that are written and rewritten for weeks because they don’t look or sound like the content on the blogs I love.

Now, of course they won’t (and can’t) be like the posts in other blogs, because this is MY blog. And this blog should reflect my voice, my experiences, my taste. That’s what it was supposed to be from the very beginning, almost a year ago. And the same happened to all the other blogs I ever started: I got lost along the way because they weren’t as perfect as I wanted them to be.

But today I make myself a promise: from now on I will use this space to share whatever I want, and I won’t worry too much about it -please forgive me if somethings are not impeccable or trendy or elevated enough-. So hang in there with me or run away now… you’ve been warned! 😛

You may find less polished but more authentic content, including the occasional rambling post (just like this one, ha!). And hopefully more often too. I don’t want to let down the people who come in here every now and then, but most importantly, I don’t want to let myself down ever again.

I’m gonna keep it simple and I wanna keep it real.

Thanks for being there! 

Links salad

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Hi there! Here are some fun links from around the web, if you’re thinking about procrastinating a little more (like me) 😛 Enjoy!

Attachment Parenting

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Attachment Parenting

I’ve always loved children. I’d have three of my own by now, ha! It’s been a while since I started researching about different types of parenting and education,and there’s one that got my attention: Attachment Parenting. Perhaps because it’s about raising your kids through indiscriminated love, and there’s nothing that I like more that holding and smooching babies 😛

My friends Lu and Fede have a gorgeous toddler called Manuel (AKA Manu, like me!), and they decided they would give Attachment Parenting a try. So I asked Lu to tell us about her experience in order to demystify, inform and may be help other moms (or moms to be).


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Welcome to the New Year!

Bienvenido 2015

Since the new year started I’ve been feeling a little overwhelmed. I don’t know if it has to do with me thinking of all the thing I want to do this year (new posts and series for the blog, vacations, doctor appointments, going back to yoga), everything that’s already happened in this ten days since the start of 2015, or just this scorching hot and humid summer in Buenos Aires.

As for the blog, I’ll try to post at least once a week and include some new things: more DIY, more life related posts (relationships, maternity) and I’ll try to keep my exaggerated perfectionism and insecurities at bay so that not every post requires a two week production.

Personally, the first thing in the agenda is to take a vacation, because even though I didn’t finish the series about our honeymoon, that trip was six months ago (seems like a lifetime ago!) and we’re willing to go somewhere new again by the end of March. I’ll tell you more as soon as I convince Nico on the destination, ha.

Thank you for being there in 2014 and bear with me in 2015, ’cause the best is yet to come 😉