End of summer picnic

End of summer picnic

Last week we came back from Rio, and fall was already waiting for us in Buenos Aires. Even though I love the crisp mornings and warm afternoons that brings this season, saying goodbye to summer is always bittersweet.

So, as a way to fight back nostalgia and cling to these last days of sunny warmth, I invited my sisters to a picnic over the weekend. The idea was simple: go to the park, bring a blanket, some food and spend the afternoon among the trees. I was in charge of the savory food, so I prepared two types of simple but yummy sandwiches, using ingredients we all love. Here are the details:

Prosciutto, arugula and tomato

This combo is foolproof. Put it on bruschettas, pizza or whatever you like and it’ll be delicious. This time I used pita bread cut in half and smeared with a little cream cheese for moisture and so the arugula leaves wouldn’t fly away!

Prosciutto arugula tomato sandwichThe pita bread, being so light and softly flavored, doesn’t compete with the strong personalities of the arugula and prosciutto. At first I didn’t consider adding tomato, but I didn’t want my sandwiches to be super dry, so I sliced it really thin and removed the seeds, so that nobody would end up with a tomato flesh pattern in their clothes (who hasn’t been there at least once!?)

Smoked salmon and avocado butter

This couple is pretty famous too, and I had seen it many times in Pinterest, but never gave it a try before(cream cheese, fresh herbs and salmon where my staples).

Avocado butter

The avocado butter is actually kind of a guacamole without the onions and tomatoes. You just smash the avocado a little, add a pinch of salt and pepper, a drizzle of olive oil, and roughly chop whatever fresh herb you prefer. We are not fans of cilantro around here, and our friend basil was nowhere to be found in the neighborhood, so we opted for an old acquaintance: parsley.

Smoked Salmon and avocado sandwich

 As salmon and avocado have similar, creamy textures, I chose a whole grain bread to bring some crunch to the picnic. I guess you know what’s next: just spread the avocado butter on the bread, cut thin strips of the salmon (so the ones who avoided the tomato stains don’t find themselves struggling with the fish), fold them on the bread, cover and voilà! The result? I just want to eat those sandwiches every day!

Picnic food

I also included in the picnic some cashew nuts, olives and pretzels. My sisters brought some sweet treats for dessert and we drank homemade lemonade, water and (here’s the secret to take the picnic to the next level) we snuck a bottle of rosé! Because, you know, we had to make a toast for Summer, Fall and many more picnics in the few warm weeks we have ahead 😛 .

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