Hats off to that wall

Straw hat on coat hanger
Hey there! How’s 2016 going? I hope everything is good whether you’re freezing in the Northern Hemisphere or sweating in the South like me. Here the city is less crowded and everything seems to be a little bit slower. So I tend to daydream about beach houses and, actually, anything beach related. That’s how I noticed this trend of straw hats hanging from white walls. May be it’s not new or not even a trend at all, but it’s a fun way of displaying a hat collection and liven up a blank wall.

Straw hat on coat hanger
So I was hard at work planning this post and searching for more photos when I looked up from the computer and saw the wall right in front of me at home. It’s the wall next to the entrance door, with the coat hanger and my beloved straw hat hanging from it. It was my unintended mini interpretation of this decor idea! That’s when I grabbed my camera and snapped those photos you see above.

Straw hats wall - photo tessa neustadt
Straw hats wall decor - photo inside out au
Straw hats wall decor - photo lillavillavita
Straw hats wall decor - photo digs digs
Straw hats wall decor - photo Christina Prescott

It’s such a simple idea and yet so nice, isn’t it? Now go get those unused hats and hang them on nails from your most boring looking wall. It could be in a hallway, a breakfast nook or even above the bed. I think I’ll be buying a few more hats in the future… What do you think?

Photos: Tessa Neustadt, Inside Out Australia, Lilla Villa Vita, Digs Digs and Christina Prescott

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