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Lately I’ve been wearing the same few basic pieces in rotation. Some variation of the items above plus a denim shirt, amilitary parka and a pair of black ballerina flats. That’s not EVERYTHING I own (otherwise, I wouldn’t be a girl, ha), but I’ve been curating my closet and kept these key pieces that are mostly timeless and that I get to wear in different scenarios. I add a couple trendy pieces I like each season and as a result I get a foolproof wradrobe that feels current without investing a lot of $$ each time.

Anillos - Demineral
Anillos – Demineral

I’m feeling the same way about jewelry. An accesory with minimal and organic lines seems refreshing, elegant and sexy. Not long ago I discovered a brand that makes exactly that: beautiful simple pieces to wear all the time and through time. Demineral was born not long ago but it’s already creating quite a buzz, they’ve even been featured in Rue Magazine as one of the hotspots in Buenos Aires.

Cadena V - Demineral
Cadena V – Demineral
Aros Circulo Grande - Demineral
Aros Circulo Grande – Demineral

The exquisite taste of its creators is reflected in their Instagram and tumblr accounts, where every image reminds us of the beauty of simplicity. To shop it all: online at The Net Boutique (international shipping) or if you have the chance to come to Buenos Aires, send an email to schedule an appointment at their Palermo showroom (email address in their Facebook page).

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