Mykonos has it all

Mykonos port and its famous windmills in the background
Mykonos port and its famous windmills in the background

Despite our wish to stay a few more days in Athens, we didn’t have much trouble hopping on a plane again to start the island leg of our trip. That meant less museums and historic places, lots of beach time and relaxation. In half an hour we arrived in Mykonos, our first stop in the Aegean Sea.

Hotel Yiannaki Mykonos
Hotel Yiannaki. Who wouldn’t want to stay in a place like this?

As soon as we left the airport bam! Summer was there waiting for us: sunshine, sea breeze, total happiness. We got on a taxi right away to get to out hotel in Ornos, about 2 miles away from the airport and Chora (Mykonos town), a tranquil little town by the beach. I higly recommend the hotel: it’s nice and clean and everyone is extremely friendly.

Ornos Beach
Ornos beach is small but fun
Ornos Bay at sunset
Ornos Bay at sunset

Ornos Beach is not huge but it is very nice, and as we where there at the en of May, the beaches weren’t crowded. The good thing about Mykonos is that there’s almost a beach for anyone. There are nice and quite ones where you can lie on a lounger for hours reading a book, like Ornos and Elia; or you can go to Paradise and Super Paradise, where everybody is single, drinking and dancing all day long; or almost secluded beaches like Panormos and the nudist Agrari, in case you feel like sunbathing in your birthday suit.

Mykonos port at night
Mykonos port at night

During the night in Chora, specially the port and Little Venice, are flooded by tourists trying to get a spot to dine by the water. You can get to Chora from Ornos in a bus that stops every half hour in the center of the village. We only went to Mykonos for dinner once, because we preferred to eat at our hotel’s restaurant, which turned out to be very good.

Mykonos' colorful stairs
In Chora, every little street has a surprise
Mykonos port
Chora and its waterfront restaurants
Mykonos' houses
Those charming little houses make you want to move in

During our second day in Mykonos, we decided to take the water taxi that stops in almost every beach in the south, and you can choose where you want to get down. When we went by Paradise and Super Paradise Nico whispered in my ear: “We should’ve come here ten years ago, single and with friends!” I couldn’t stop laughing because he was right! Anyway, at that point in our lives we decided to go all the way to Elia Beach, which is one of the biggest and most tranquil beaches of the area.

Elia Beach
Elia Beach, secluded and quiet

For our last day we decided to rent a car -through the hotel- to see a little bit more of the island. When we asked what was the place we had to go in Mykonos before leaving, the answer was, without doubt, Panormos Beach. So off we went, following the narrow and sinous roads flanked with stone fences until we reached this wonderful beach. We parked the car by a little restaurant -where you can rent chairs and umbrellas- and walked along the coast until we found a nice spot to set up camp.

Panormos beach
In Panormos Beach you have no choice but to completely unwind
Panormos beach view
A few people and a lot of rest in Panormos

We made a picnic, swam a little and read our books lying down on the sand, enjoying the silence, and before we noticed, the afternoon was over as was our stay on this gorgeous Aegean island. We drove back to the hotel and packed the suitcases for our next destination: the lesser known but extremely charming Paros.

Swimming in Panormos is a must

Mykonos has it all, no matter what you prefer. It’s not just a partier’s heaven. If you go around a little you may find beautiful and relaxing places to spend your days the way you like. Needless to say, it’s a must stop in any itinerary of the Cyclades.

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