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Last March we went on our first 2012 vacation. We decided to go to the Calamuchita region in Cordoba province. Nico had been to the Traslasierra area with some friends a few years ago, and I just knew the capital city.
We went by car and stayed in Villa General Belgrano, because it’s close enough to the places we wanted to visit, and seemed like a pretty charming village.
We loved all the places we saw: the forests, the rivers, the hills. We concluded, as usual, that the beauty of nature never ceases to amaze us. 
En Marzo nos tomamos la primera semana de vacaciones de 2012. Nos decidimos a ir a la zona de Calamuchita en la provincia de Córdoba. Nico había ido a la zona de Traslasierra con amigos hace unos años, y yo no conocía más que la capital. 
Fuimos en auto e hicimos base en Villa General Belgrano, dado que está cerca de los lugares que queríamos visitar y parecía ser una ciudad muy pintoresca. 
Quedamos encantados con los lugares que vimos, los bosques, los ríos, las sierras. Llegamos como siempre a la misma conclusión: la belleza de la naturaleza no deja de maravillarnos. 

The view from our bungalow | La vista desde nuestra cabaña
 We trekked around the Peñon del Aguila Park | Recorrimos el Parque Peñón del Aguila 
 The river running through the Park | El río que corre a través del Parque
The colors of fall were starting to pop | Los colores del otoño empezando a surgir
 We tasted the wild raspberries (VERY sour) but not the mushrooms! | Probamos las frambuesas silvestres (MUY ácidas) pero los hongos no!
Waterfall in La Cumbrecita | Cascada de La Cumbrecita 
 On our way to the river in El Durazno | Camino al río en El Durazno
We even found our own private little beach! | Hasta encontramos nuestra propia playita privada!
 The beautiful river in El Durazno | El hermoso río en El Durazno
 The view in our way to Villa Alpina | La vista desde el camino a Villa Alpina

Buenos Aires is a roller coaster

I saw this video in this blog and it blew my mind. I don’t know how they did it, but it’s pretty awesome.
Buenos Aires is a roller coaster, and that’s exactly what I felt the first time I was on my own in this great city.

Vi este video en este blog y me alucinó. No sé cómo lo hicieron, pero es increíble. 
Buenos Aires es una montaña rusa, eso es exactamente lo que sentí la primera vez que me las tuve que arreglar sola en esta gran ciudad.

Back to work…

… And back to study and all that stuff. Since we came back from our beach vacation, life hasn’t stopped. It’s incredible how days go by in a glimpse, right?
Thankfully the week we spent in Mar de las Pampas didn’t go so fast, and we were able to go to the beach every day, watch movies, and grill fish with friends. Everything was simple and beautiful.
I was so relaxed that I didn’t even take a lot of photos, but here are some of my favorites.


Argentina: Food

Here I am again, trying to show you a little bit more about my country and how we live here. I think food tells a lot about people, and in this case, a country. So, here’s a recipe (thanks to lovely Rebecca!) for making our favorite sweet treat : Dulce de Leche

We basically add Dulce de Leche to anything sweet. We make alfajores (two soft buttery cookies sticked with DDL), little coconut squares, ice cream (I think Haagen Dazs sells it in the US), crêpes filled with DDL and we always use it as cake filling.
Hope you can give it a try and enjoy it as much a we do!
Besos et bon week-end!

Argentina: Places

I’ve been planning some posts to show you my country. It’s so big, I’ve only visited a few places yet, but I’d love to know the whole country one day.
I’ll start showing you a few pictures of a region I adore, it’s in the North West of Argentina, and I’ll show a few pictures of three of the provinces in the region, from north to south: Jujuy, Salta and Tucumán. I specially love this region because my eldest sisters and their families live there (in Jujuy and Tucumán), so I go there quite often.

 These are the Salinas Grandes (Grand Saltmines), in Jujuy province, they’re close to the north eastern border of Chile.
This is the route that takes you to Salinas Grandes, it’s more than 4000 metres above sea level 

This is the town of Purmamarca and its Seven Colors Hill (Jujuy province)
Yeap, that’s me  in the Quebrada de las Conchas, Salta province. 
 As you go south, everything gets greener. That’s Tafí del Valle in Tucumán province.
 And it’s so green it looks like a jungle! On the way back from Tafí del Valle.
* All pics taken by me
Next time I’ll show you the other end of the country: the shouthernmost city in the world!

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