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New Year’s Recap

Yeah, I know… The first month of 2011 is almost gone and I haven’t told you how I ended 2010. This year has started with lots of friends, family and projects, so I’ve been pretty busy lately.

Anyway, here are some pics…

Spent Christmas’ weekend chilling by the pool, reading The Picture of Dorian Gray

We went to my parents’ for New Year’s Eve. Here’s their backyard.

I made flower arrangements with white lilies and wild foliage

And I made the candle holders I was talking about in this post. My nieces and nephews helped me gather the sand.

* All pics taken by me. Excuse the poor lighting!


New Year

So… New Year’s coming, and I actually want 2010 to be over, finally! On friday Nico and I are going to his parents’ house in the country. This week it’s been more than 90º F everyday down here, so we can’t wait to get out of the concrete jungle and jump into the pool. I’m making Lemon Pie for dessert on Christmas Eve and we’re giving Nico’s 6 months old nephew a tiny “swimming pool” for himself (I can’t wait to see his face in there!). Hopefully, it will be a nice, quiet weekend outdoors.

On December 31st we’re going to my parents’, and I’m sure that won’t be quiet! We’re almost 20 people in my close family (my parents, sisters, nieces, nephews and brothers in law), plus some aunts, uncles and cousins with their children that are coming for the ocassion. As always, I’m in charge of the decorations, so I’ll show you the things that are inspiring me right now. I wanted a fresh, airy theme, and I thought green, white and gold would be a great combo. Oh! I already made some DIY candle holders with  glass jars and golden thread and I’ll be making mojitos to refresh everybody’s throats after a lot of chatting. I’ll show you the pictures next year! 😛

Well, that’s it, I guess I’ll be back to posting in 2011, as the next few days will involve a lot of office work, packing, last minute shopping and stuff.
I wish you all a wonderful Christmas, surrounded by friends, family, and whoever you love, and hope we all start the New Year with the right foot. Besos!!!!