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DIY hand painted wrapping paper

This wrapping paper won't take more than 30 minutes to make and it will add a 'made with love' feeling to your presents.

DIY wrapping paper

We’re a week away from Christmas. Can you even believe it?! Haven’t you been attacked by the Holiday Neurosis yet? I bet there’s an endless list of things you have to do before the year ends, amirite? Well, here’s something you can do before tossing the gifts and your grandma’s eggnog in the air. It’s as relaxing as it is useful: DIY hand painted wrapping paper. It won’t take more than 30 minutes to make and it will add a ‘made with love’ feeling to your presents. Oh, and I promise you’ll have fun in the process. Keep reading and I’ll tell you what you need and how to do it, it’s super easy!

DIY wrapping paper materials

You’ll need:

  • Craft paper
  • Acrylic paint (I used gold and warm white)
  • Golf pencils with erasers: preferably one for each paint color
  • Paint brush (optional)
  • Water and paper towel or cloth to rinse and dry the pencils and paintbrush

DIY hand painted wrapping paper

Alright, so the erasers in the pencils will work as stamps for you to make dots or even flowers. if you feel like painting, you can add, let’s say, leaves to the flowers. That’s up to your imagination!

DIY wrapping paper

As you can see, it’s actually pretty simple. What I like the most is that the circles have texture, adding another dimension to the paper. It’s kinda like braille dots, uh?

DIY hand painted wrapping paper

DIY hand painted wrapping paper

Once you’ve done your magic, just let them dry for about 15 to 20 minutes and voilà! You’re ready to wrap all your presents.

DIY hand painted wrapping paper

I made three different motifs: white flowers, golden dots and what I call faceless angels/fried egg flowers :P. Then I added silk ribbon bows and some leftover lace I had to decorate the packages.

DIY hand painted wrapping paper

With this wrapping paper everybody will love your presents, even if it’s a pair of infamous socks, I swear!

Oh, and in case I can’t post sooner… Have a MERRY CHRISTMAS! I wish you receive the best presents in the world: good health, plenty of love and endless joy. Cheers!

The Wedding

Nico & Manu

Era un viernes del final del verano hace 8 años y un poco. Yo salía del edificio de mi trabajo y ahí estaba el encargado del edificio, hablando con un muchacho de rulos (que resultó trabajar en el piso debajo del mío) vestido al estilo preppy de Casual Friday que tenía una caja de vinos al hombro. Casi sin pensarlo, los miro a los dos y pregunto: “Dónde es la fiesta? No tengo planes para hoy!”.

It was Friday, at the end of the summer more than eight years ago. I wass leaving my office building and there was the doorman talking to a curly haired guy dressed (who happened to work downstairs from me) in his preppy Casual Frifay clothes, carrying a box of wine on his shoulder. Without thinking about it I asked: ‘Where’s the party? I have no plans for tonight!’. 


DIM (Did It Myself) Light Fixture

I’m getting into the DIY frenzy lately. I’ve done some small things before, like painting our bedroom table lamps green (they were black ceramic), or repainting photo frames, but this was my first ‘major’ project. When we moved together, Nico bought our bed cover and I must admit I was actually pretty afraid of what he’d come home with while he was out shopping, but the moment I saw it, I loved it: it’s the perfect mix of apple and olive green, right in the middle (I’m sure there’s a name for that color, I just don’t know it). So we decided our bedroom would have different shades of green and beige. We needed a light fixture, so I bought an apple green paper lantern, but I didn’t realize that the whole room would be green whenever we turned on the light (duh!) until I finally did it. S H O C K. Anyways, we quickly got used to seeing each other like sleepy Hulks every morning.

Finally, the other day I said it was enough and decided to do a makeover to our good ‘ol lantern. I bought two sheets of silk paper (at least that’s how we call it here, a super thin transparent paper), got glue, a pencil, scissors and a jar lid and started drawing and cutting paper circles (they seemed like a thousand!). Nico looked at me like I was totally insane and said: “Babe, we could just buy a white lantern, you know…” but instead I offered him to give my project a try, and if it turned out to be a mess then we would get a new one.
 BUT when I finished it we both loved it and hanged it right away. I love the fact that you can still see the green peeking underneath the white circles, and the shades, and I’m oh so happy that I just turn the light on to see it shine. 
I’ve always said that it’s so rewarding to see something you did yourself finished, even if it’s a simply knitted scarf. And it makes you want to do a thousand other things.
Hope you like my creation! Besos!