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Changing my perspective

The problem is you think you have time by Buddah

This has been quite a tough year for me so far, specially this second half of 2015. Some very difficult moments made me realize I needed to change my perspective in life. I’ve always struggled with this fear of not being good enough in a lot of different levels. And that fear is what’s stopping me from doing a lot of things I’d like to do.

That fear is what makes me look like a perfectionist who has a Draft folder full of unfinished posts that may never be published because they’re not good enough. Posts that are written and rewritten for weeks because they don’t look or sound like the content on the blogs I love.

Now, of course they won’t (and can’t) be like the posts in other blogs, because this is MY blog. And this blog should reflect my voice, my experiences, my taste. That’s what it was supposed to be from the very beginning, almost a year ago. And the same happened to all the other blogs I ever started: I got lost along the way because they weren’t as perfect as I wanted them to be.

But today I make myself a promise: from now on I will use this space to share whatever I want, and I won’t worry too much about it -please forgive me if somethings are not impeccable or trendy or elevated enough-. So hang in there with me or run away now… you’ve been warned! 😛

You may find less polished but more authentic content, including the occasional rambling post (just like this one, ha!). And hopefully more often too. I don’t want to let down the people who come in here every now and then, but most importantly, I don’t want to let myself down ever again.

I’m gonna keep it simple and I wanna keep it real.

Thanks for being there! 


whatever you decide to do
Y un día volví. Tarde mucho, pero lo cierto es que pasaron tantas cosas en este tiempo que decidí priorizar lo que estaba pasando en mi vida, y el blog resultaba más una preocupación que algo que disfrutara hacer. Ahora que todo está un poco más normalizado, me propongo una vez más empezar de nuevo y tratar de postear al menos una vez a la semana, los miércoles. Por lo pronto, les adelanto algo de lo que va a venir: un viaje a Aruba, mi propio casamiento DIY, nuestra luna de miel en Grecia y Turquía y contenidos nuevos que trataré de ir desarrollando con el tiempo. Como siempre, gracias por leer y espero que disfruten lo que está por venir!

And one day I came back. It’s been a long time but, truth to be told, there’s been so much going on that I decided to prioritize what was going on in my life, and the blog became something more like a concern than something I enjoyed doing. Now that everything is more stable, I intend on starting from scratch and posting at least once a week on Wednesdays. So these are some of the things I’ll share in the future: a trip to Aruba, my own DIY wedding, our honeymoon in Turkey and Greece, and new contents that I plan on developing over time. Thanks a lot for being there, and I hope you like what’s to come!