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Last October we went to Brazil. We started  planning our vacation with two simple premises in mind: to relax in a beautiful place. There are lots of beautiful places in Argentina where you can relax, but we wanted to go a bit further and make our first trip ever to Brazil. The most difficult decision to make was where to go, so I just typed “Brazil’s most beautiful beach” in Google (true story), and we got a recurrent result: Jericoacoara. The photos we saw on the internet convinced us that it was the place we were looking for. So, we went along with planning our trip to Jericoacoara, a small fishers’ village in the North East of Brazil. After two flights, a one day stay in Fortaleza, 5 hours on a bus and one hour on a jardineira, we finally saw white sand dunes and turquoise waters. We spent our week eating great seafood -and drinking caipirinhas, of course!-, meeting great people, riding buggies through the dunes and swimming in beautiful lagoons. Jeri is definitely the place to go if you love adventurous but laid back trips. Staying less than three days would not be enough.
Oh! you can get more info about Jeri here

En Octubre fuimos a Brasil. Empezamos planeando nuestras vacaciones con dos simples premisas en mente: relajarnos en un lugar hermoso. Hay muchos lugares hermosos en Argentina donde relajarse, pero queríamos ir un poco más allá y hacer nuestro primer viaje a Brasil. La decisión más difícil de tomar era adónde ir, así que simplemente escribí “lugares más lindos de Brasil” en Google (en serio), y obtuvimos un resultado que se repetía: Jericoacoara. las fotos que vimos en internet nos convencieron de que ése era el lugar que estabamos buscando. Así que empezamos a planear nuestro viaje a Jericoacoara, un pueblito de pescadores en el Nordeste de Brasil. Después de dos vuelos, un día de estadía en Fortaleza, 5 horas en un colectivo, y una hora en una jardineira, finalmente vimos las dunas de arenas blancas y el agua turquesa. Pasamos nuestra semana comiendo pescados y frutos de mar increíbles -y tomando caipirinhas, por supuesto!-, conociendo gente divina, andando en buggies por entre las dunas y nadando en lagunas hermosas. Jeri es, definitivamente, el lugar adonde ir si te gustan los viajes con un poco de aventura y a la vez relajados. Quedarse menos de tres días no sería suficiente.
Ah! acá podés encontrar más info de Jerí. 

The village seen from the road to Pedra Furada / El pueblo visto desde el camino a la Pedra Furada
Fishermen at sunset /Pescadores al atardecer 
 Swimming in Lagoa do Paraiso / Nadando en la Lagoa do Paraiso

Watching the sunset on top of the Duna do Pôr do Sol / Mirando el atardecer en la cima de la Duna do Pôr do Sol 

Dunes and palm trees near Tatajuba / Dunas y palmeras cerca de Tatajuba

Na Casa Dela, one of our favorite restaurants / Na Casa Dela, uno de nuestros restaurantes preferidos (via)
* Pics taken by me, unless otherwise stated.

Back to work…

… And back to study and all that stuff. Since we came back from our beach vacation, life hasn’t stopped. It’s incredible how days go by in a glimpse, right?
Thankfully the week we spent in Mar de las Pampas didn’t go so fast, and we were able to go to the beach every day, watch movies, and grill fish with friends. Everything was simple and beautiful.
I was so relaxed that I didn’t even take a lot of photos, but here are some of my favorites.


Argentina: Places

I’ve been planning some posts to show you my country. It’s so big, I’ve only visited a few places yet, but I’d love to know the whole country one day.
I’ll start showing you a few pictures of a region I adore, it’s in the North West of Argentina, and I’ll show a few pictures of three of the provinces in the region, from north to south: Jujuy, Salta and Tucumán. I specially love this region because my eldest sisters and their families live there (in Jujuy and Tucumán), so I go there quite often.

 These are the Salinas Grandes (Grand Saltmines), in Jujuy province, they’re close to the north eastern border of Chile.
This is the route that takes you to Salinas Grandes, it’s more than 4000 metres above sea level 

This is the town of Purmamarca and its Seven Colors Hill (Jujuy province)
Yeap, that’s me  in the Quebrada de las Conchas, Salta province. 
 As you go south, everything gets greener. That’s Tafí del Valle in Tucumán province.
 And it’s so green it looks like a jungle! On the way back from Tafí del Valle.
* All pics taken by me
Next time I’ll show you the other end of the country: the shouthernmost city in the world!

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