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Bon week-end!

Apartment Therapy

While Spring is trying to beak through the Northern Hemisphere, here it seems like Fall doesn’t want to come just yet. So let’s enjoy the weekend, may be with a stroll or an al fresco meal, right?

Here are a song and a sweet little cartoon to start your weekend with a smile. xo!

Mientras en el hemisferio Norte se asoma la primavera, acá parece que el otoño no quiere llegar todavía. A disfrutar el fin de semana, tal vez con un paseo o una comida al aire libre, por qué no?

Acá les dejo una canción y un chistecito muy tierno, para empezar con una sonrisa. Besos!

* Photo Apartment Therapy


Last night I was dreaming of Coachella, and hanging out in Polyvore, so I thought I could put together some outfits I’d wear if I could actually go to the concerts. It was just a dream (maybe it was too late at night), because: a) I can’t fly over 10.000 kms to a music festival, and b) I can’t afford the Marc Jacobs dress, or the Tom Ford sunglasses, or the Mulberry shorts… yet… 😛
After taking a look at the program of the shows I decided that if anyone would make me choose just one day to go to Coachella, it would be Saturday. Mumford & Sons, Erykah Badu, Gogol Bordello and Bomba Estereo all playing the same day in the same stage??? Yes, please! I know it’s an eclectic mix, but that’s the way I am. I think life is too diverse and awesome to be stuck in one style of anything: music, clothes, etc. 
Enough Philosophy for today my friends, hope you have a great weekend. Below are a video from Mumford & Sons and the Polyvore sets I told you about.

Old Year Resolutions

First of all, sorry for being away so long. As I said before, the last couple weeks have been crazy, too much work, too much “homework” (had to write a paper and a PR plan), too little sleep and quality time at home. But, now I’m free (well… kind of), so I made a few “Old Year Resolutions”, things I want to do before the end of 2010. Here they go:

  1. Get a silky blouse like this and a denim shirt like this.
  2. Go on a spa weekend with my sisters (had to postpone it a month ago)
  3. Spend a weekend here, where my boyfriend’s family has a house.
  4. Get a pair of shoes like this
  5. Clean up these messes:


                                                                                                Pics taken by me

Do you think I can make it in less than two months?